Best Electric Bass Guitar Beginner Kits Review In 2022

Best Electric Bass Guitar Beginner Kits Review In 2022
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Whether you are a beginner or a pro musician, a good-quality guitar with a bunch of accessories always comes in handy. You may use a guitar from Gibson or Squier, but with a digital tuner or an extra set of strings, your jamming sessions will be more convenient and stress-free. Keeping that in mind, we have enlisted top 10 electric bass guitar beginner kits after profoundly investigating the best ones available in the market with varied price ranges, you may easily choose one.

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Best Electric Bass Guitar Beginner Kits Review In 2022

10. Davison Guitars Electric Bass Guitar Kit

Davison Guitars - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: In contrast to typical color schemes, this guitar comes in a bright pink tone to match your vibrant personality. It comes with a 15-watt bass amp, cable, strap, and a carrying bag.

Design & Quality:  The guitar in this kit features a basswood body and sturdy maple neck.

  • Full-scale 16″ guitar.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Great for beginners.

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9. PylePro Electric Bass Guitar Beginner Package 

PylePro Electric Bass Guitar - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description:  You can play, jam, and even make a cover of any rock music with this excellent guitar. It comes with a few basic accessories in a moderate price range. The package includes a tuner, extra string, gig bag, and an Amp with 6.5amp speaker.

Design & Quality: The guitar is handcrafted with premium and sturdy wood materials while the strings are delicately designed for added comfort.

  • Chrome accented hardware.
  • Rich sound quality.
  • Easily adjustable pegs.

8. ZENY Full-Size Electric Guitar Starter Kit

ZENY Full-Size Electric Guitar - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: This may be a great choice as an electric bass guitar beginner kit because it features all the necessary items along with a nylon carrying case. The entire package with the guitar itself also includes an amplifier, shoulder strap, cable, additional string, and more.

Design & Quality: ZENY 39″ electric guitar is made of premium woods and designed with a smooth finish for durable performance.

  • Right-handed electric guitar.
  • 10W portable amp.
  • Crisp and refined sound.

7. Squire by Fender Affinity Series Bass Beginner Pack 

Squire by Fender Affinity Series Bass - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: Even if you have never touched a guitar, you will still be comfortable with this one due to its lightweight structure. The guitar produces pure and refined tunes, while the package includes almost everything you need for entertaining a little gathering, such as an amplifier, padded gig bag, pack of picks, guitar strap, etc.

Design & Quality: The guitar comes in a ‘C’ shaped body with satin finish neck for a stunning visual and added durability.

  • 4-saddle bridge.
  • Laurel fingerboard.
  • Rumble 15 bass amplifier.

6. Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit 

Crescent Electric Bass Guitar - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: This could be an excellent choice if you want to learn to play guitar. This lightweight and easy-to-handle guitar produce a unique tone. It comes with a digital E-tuner and some extra accessories like extra strings, picks, shoulder straps, etc.

Design & Quality: This is a handcrafted guitar with top-notch materials that will not break your heart in terms of quality.

  • 46″ Full-size bass guitar.
  • Works with standard amplifiers.
  • Value for the price.

5. Goplus Electric Bass Guitar Kit 

 Goplus Electric Bass Guitar Kit - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: If you ever feel bored in a hangout, just give the Go plus electric guitar a try. Its natural, bright tunes will transform the mood of the crowd right away. It includes easily accessible A, B, C tone control knobs, which make it suitable for everyone. With this electric bass guitar beginner kit, you will receive an amp cord, shoulder strap, bass pick, and more.

Design & Quality:  This rock-n-roll musical instrument is constructed with solid wood and designed with an eye-catching black and white color.

  • Stylish appearance.
  • Split single-coil pickup
  • Raw style maple headstock

4. Best Choice Products Electric Guitar Starter Kit 

Best Choice Products Electric Guitar - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: With rich natural tunes, this guitar is eligible for every gathering, show, and concert. Whether you sit or stand while jamming, you will find the guitar comfortable to play from every angle. The starter kit includes a loud portable amp, a whammy bar, a nylon gig bag, and more.

Design & Quality:  This guitar comes in a glossy finish for long-lasting use, which is made of classic hardwood under the hood.

  • 39-inches electric bass guitar.
  • 22-fret fingerboard.
  • Easy AMP controls.

3. Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar Pack 

Rise by Sawtooth Electric - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: This electric bass guitar beginner kit includes a sunburst-tones guitar with an adjustable bridge, which produces refined tunes with minimal effort. There are also a variety of travel essentials for aspiring musicians like a portable amp, pitch pipe, three pick samplers, guitar strap, gig bag, etc

Design & Quality:  The kit is engineered with sturdiness, and the guitar itself features chrome hardware for prolonged service.

  • Maple fretboard.
  • Adjustable bridge.
  • Ideal for beginners.

2. SX Beginner Electric Bass Guitar Package 

SX Beginner Electric Bass Guita - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: This guitar is is specially made for left-handed players, which provides easier access to high frets than standard guitars. Furthermore, It has multiple pickup options with six adjustable saddles. The package includes a portable loud amp, cord gig bag, and more!

Design & Quality: It features a dual cutaway design with a solid basswood body for ensuring sturdiness.

  • 3/4 size bass guitar.
  • Die-cast chrome tuners.
  • Compact and lightweight structure.

1. LyxPro Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit 

LyxPro Electric Bass Guitar Starter - Bass Guitar beginner Kits

Description: This 30″ Electric Guitar is designed for children and grown-ups alike. Once connected with the amp, it produces loud refreshing tunes, which is perfect for concerts. All the kits in this package are of top-notch quality, which includes a digital tuner, built-in speaker, picks, extra strings, etc.

Design & Quality: The guitar in this kit features a minimalistic design that can withstand mild abuse from rookie learners.

  • Premium sound quality.
  • 20-watt amplifier.
  • Left-hand model is available.

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In the list, we tried to cover the best electric bass guitar beginner kits for your convenience. Before you place an order, carefully determine which package meets your requirements the most. If you are still a novice in terms of electric guitar, we recommend you go for a complete kit with all the essential accessories. It will not only turn out cost-effective in the long run but also help you learn with greater expertise.

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