Best Banjo Cases Review In 2022

Best Banjo Cases Review In 2022
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Banjos are great musical instruments. They bring life to any party, hang out or musical performance. But, the instrument that makes your environment lively also needs some protection to live longer than usual. They need to be stored and transported properly. You can’t surely keep your banjo with you all the time. Neither can you carry it with full precautions every time? Thus you need banjo cases. So, we would suggest you plan for a good quality banjo case. Go through our list and seek which one fits you the most.

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Best Banjo Cases Review In 2022

10. Road Runner Banjo Case

Road Runner Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: Let’s start with a soft waterproof case. It is great for keeping your banjo dry and clean even in rainy weather. You can easily store any four or five strings banjo inside. It also contains multiple external pockets for storing stuff.

Design and Quality: Road Runner comes with thick interior panels that prevent any form of damages to banjos. It is quite soft and great for traveling.

  • It comes with 10.5 mm thick padding.
  • The zipper is made from non-rust nylon for better quality.

9. Superior Fiberglass Banjo Case

Superior Fiberglass Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description:  Superior banjo cases offer premium-grade protection. It is made with fiberglass and meets the requirements set by the majority of the customers.

Design and Quality: Superior Banjo Case is a lightweight case that contains a heavy-duty rubber. The foam padding inside keeps the banjo in shape.

  • The fiberglass is lightweight with great protection quality.
  • The handles are quite comfortable and made with genuine leather.

8. Gator Polyfoam Case for Banjo

Gator Polyfoam Case for Banjo - Banjo Cases

Product Description: If you desire a hard and gig case for your banjo, then Gator comes with both of the features. This case is not only lightweight but also sturdy.

Design and Quality: The exterior is made with nylon much like soft cases and the interior contains velvet-like hard cases. So, you can get extra protection for your device.

  • It fits in any size banjos.
  • Several exterior pockets allow you to carry accessories with the banjo.

7. Jameson Gig Banjo Case

Jameson Gig Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: If you are looking for a case that comes with shoulder straps to carry along with you, then you can consider this one. It is great for carrying banjo to rehearsals or classes.

Design and Quality: The banjo case provides extra protection and contains extra pouch along with a secured zipper. So, you can easily store your accessories and music sheets.

  • Supports both left and right-hand models.
  • The zippered pouch is square in shape providing special facilities to store music sheets.

6. SKB Universal Banjo Case

SKB Universal Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: This is specially designed for 6-string banjos. It contains a plastic exterior along with an EPS interior. The case is great for carrying your banjos on the plane.

Design and Quality: The lining and foam inside the case reduce the probability of damage and the exterior supports shock absorption. TSA locks provide extra security to carry in long journeys.

  • The exterior contains molded bumpers along with rubber feet.
  • The exterior is made with ABS plastic.

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5. TKL Banjo Case

TKL Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: This hard case is specially designed for 5-string banjos. It is made with a wood frame and can absorb large shocks. This is a great choice for banjo users who love hard cases.

Design and Quality: The interior is built with plush. It also contains compartments that can be used to store accessories. On the other hand, the exterior is made with synthetic leather which gives the case a professional and distinct look.

  • Steels are used to reinforce the seams.
  • This is designed for banjo players who travel a lot and love professional outfits.

4. Gearlux Banjo Case

Gearlux Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: It is one of the few cases that can fit in any banjo. It not only resists shock and water but also comes at an affordable price.

Design and Quality: It contains a plush interior along with a hard exterior layer. So, you can rely on this case for protected scratch-free carrying.

  • It comes with an additional interior compartment for storing accessories.
  • The materials are chromed for long-lasting.

3. Protec Banjo Gig Case

Product Description: If you want to get relief of the hustle for selecting the perfect sized case, then this is a great option for you. You can adjust the interior for adjusting according to your needs.

Design and quality: The gig bag is made with nylon. On the interior, it allows adjustment and on the exterior, it ensures extra protection. Additional 3 pockets add up space for accessories space.

  • The interior contains a pad of 20 mm.
  • Sensitive areas are given extra support with extra pads.

2. Musician’s Banjo Case

Musician’s Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: If you’re looking for great quality within an affordable budget, then you can’t ignore this case. The gold plated hardware gives an elegant look for the users.

Design and Quality: The exterior of this case is made with plywood which is covered with resistant vinyl. The interior comes in with a soft plush that has an additional compartment for storing accessories.

  • The gold plate doesn’t only give elegant looks but also increases resistance.
  • Added locking fasteners assure extra security to the locks.

1. Carrion Banjo Case

Carrion Banjo Case - Banjo Cases

Product Description: It comes at the top of our list because of two reasons- affordable price and excellent protection. The outlook is quite professional and great for people with periodic activities.

Design and Quality: The interior is made with foam padding and the exterior consists of multi-ply wood. The hardware is made with solid brass. So, the locks are quite safe and strong.

  • The hardware is plated with chrome.
  • The exterior consists of black Tolex at the outer side.

There are several things you need to keep in mind before buying a banjo case- the scale of your banjo, the string’s number and type of cases. You can go for hard cases, gig cases, fiberglass cases, and even polyfoam cases. We’ve tried to keep all types of banjo cases in our list for your better understanding. So, choose your category, select your price range and then buy a banjo case.

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