Audio-Technica Turntable: Is It Worth Buying?

Audio-Technica Turntable
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Audio-Technica Turntable: Is It Worth Buying?

an audio technica turntables

The Audio-Technica turntable is a worthy buy for the music enthusiast and the connoisseur of the vinyl music game. They provide great sound quality, which kicks out the competition in the same price range. All their beginner and professional standard turntables offer epic sound quality to enjoy those vinyl records. 

Audio-Technica was founded in the 1960s by Hideo Matsushita. The company had a humble beginning as a phonograph cartridge manufacturer. Later they started producing high-end audio devices at an affordable price point. Their versions of the turntable are amazing in build quality and output. 

Strong build quality

Audio-Technica turntables are built to last. Whether you buy an entry-level product or a professional one, they can take a beating. The units are built with high-end products to provide better support for years. The fact that Japanese manufactured products are top-notch globally adds a bonus point to its favor. Although falling from a height is unlikely, the vinyl protection cover can protect the fragile components from harm.

Availability of replacement parts

The company has its products on most major e-commerce websites for online purchase and replacement parts. Even if any components break or stop working, anyone can buy a replacement part from anywhere and get it shipped. Everything is available on their website, from replacement belts, stylus, and dust covers to USB cable, jack, and counterweight assembly.

Automatic System

Audio-Technica turntables are mostly automatic systems. Just plug and play to get the best out of every product. It reduces the hassle of manually operating the system. So, a beginner can easily set up the system and start enjoying their record. For the vinyl enthusiast, they offer fully manual turntables as well.

Affordable price

If you are on the market to buy a turntable as a beginner or a vinyl enthusiast, Audio-Technica turntables got you covered. Their entry-level turntables come in $139 without shipping and go up to $299 for fully automatic systems. Their most high-end turntable costs less than $850. They offer the best quality at the best price point.


Audio-Technica turntable is excellent for plug-and-play with a built-in preamp for that crisp sound. Their tonearms don’t require any professional tweaking, making them easy to use and enjoy. Out of the box, every Audio-Technica turntable is compatible with all the headphones, speakers, and amps. They also support USB connectivity to convert records into digital formats. 

Diverse product line 

Audio-Technica has a wide range of turntables to pick from. They have a wide range of turntable types from Belt Drive, Direct Drive, Fully Automatic, Fully Manual, USB, and Wireless. You name it, they have it.

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An Audio-Technica turntable is a gem on the counter, from versatility to durability. They are hands down the most affordable turntables out there that provide great sound quality. It is hard to find a contender for them at that price point and sound quality. 

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