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Audio Technica LP120
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Audio Technica LP120

Audio Technica LP120

The LP120 is a great device that has a simple set-up but provides a great experience. The device doesn’t need any accessories when connected to any stereo or speakers because of the preamp that is built-in. The needle and cartridge are there to provide you with great music of all types. You can even get your files as digital music. The device can create one of the most accurate digital conversion from LP to date. The components of this device are of high quality, which is why its performance is also impressive. You can also adjust the pitch and use the reverse playback feature.

What’s in the box?

Audio Technica LP120

The turntable has an output of USB that can be connected to your computer. In the box, there is a USB cable and an adapter including software that is compatible with any PC so that you can digitalize your LPS. It comes with an amplifier, which is an internal stereo that allows us to plug the components directly. The adaptor is a 45RPM and it comes with a dust cover. You will be able to use the reverse and forward playback feature of this device to listen to any kind of music.


Audio Technica LP120

The device is great at the digital conversions. You can even convert vinyl records into their digital formats. It has a motor of high-torque. You can even digitalize and play your records with the help of the software that is compatible with PC. The RMP speeds in this device are 78/45/33; you can select any. The operation of this device is manual. It also has a lockable rest, a lift control that is damp, and a tonearm that is S-shaped.

There is a speed indicator made of a platter that is stroboscopic. It also has speed lock, forwarding and reverse playback features. You can use a stylus light for navigation if needed. You can choose between two color options. The colors are Silver and black.

It is equipped in HS10 Headshell. It has a slip mat that is cast with aluminum and looks professional. You can apply the right amount of pressure in the turntable because of the counterweight of the tonearm. This counterweight stops your needle from getting worn out really quickly. The anti-skating feature of the turntable allows the needle to go around the record. These features of the device ensure that you get the music of your choice.


Audio Technica LP120

The design of this turntable is a bit like the classics. It has a design from the devices that were out in the 1980s, which was loved and admired back at that time. Thus the classy old-look gives a good vibe to the device.

If you’re buying a turntable for your home then the LP120 is great as it doesn’t have any issue with the motor. The device has a base made of plastic, which is the reason why it is budget-friendly. The solid platform made from the device reduces any types of external vibration. The turntable is sturdy at almost 10.7kg. The platter made from aluminum is a great performer as it can spin at different RPMs. You might not want to take this option but at least this option is available for you.

There is also a switch using which you change your music’s pitch by different increments. The selected pitch can be even locked. You can check secret messages when you avail of the reverse playback technology.

There is an extra assembly of needle and cartridge. The accuracy of the speed in the turntable can be adjusted due to the 33/45RPM choice feature. But since the design is made from plastic, that can allow some scratches to appear. However, this will never affect any of your music listening experience.


Audio Technica LP120 can easily help you convert your LPs into digital files. There is also an availability of a digital output of USB. The set-up is really flexible and simple. The speed is accurate and you can adjust it based on the available options. It also comes with a phono stage.

The counterweight design of this device allows the needle to last long; this means that it will last longer and you won’t have to fix any damage. You can adjust the pitch according to your choice and you can lock the pitch to give a great sound. The playback is great and the reverse and forward technology in this device give a variety and an added advantage.

The set-up also reduces any external vibration, which means that it is great at canceling out unwanted disturbance. Overall, it is a great turntable considering the features that it comes with. The preamps ensure that you won’t require any additional accessory to go with the device. It has a tag that is budget-friendly as well. The target light will help you to navigate through the darkness if you want.


You will need a scale for the set-up process. It can be a little difficult to maintain the detail of bass and treble. Besides, the plastic design of the device can be a medium to many scratches and damage. In addition, the old-look design might not be admired by many music nerds of the current decade. You also need to ensure that the tracking force is not vertical since it can cause damage to the record. Apart from all pf that, the biggest con of this device is that if you don’t follow the proper set-up of the turntable then you will not get the best music that you expect.

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The turntable LP120 from Audio Technica is a great device. It allows you to listen to different types of music. The conversion and set-up in this device are simple. Moreover, you get a lot of decent features in this device at a low price. That is why this turntable is so popular in the market.

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