All You Need to Know about Neat Bumblebee ll Microphone

Neat Bumblebee ll Microphone
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All You Need to Know about Neat Bumblebee ll Microphone

You know back in the days how people used to think a microphone was only for speeches and maybe singing? And how they only used microphones in massive places? Well, those days are long past. People now use microphones for many other reasons—game streaming, podcasts, and good old music recordings.

Because microphones have so many uses now, manufacturing companies have to up their games too. They have to make microphones for different services or, even better, make them more versatile. Another thing to consider here is affordability. Not everyone can spend thousands on a microphone alone, so the manufacturers have to make microphones for all ends.

The bumblebee two microphone is one of the few microphones that ticks off both boxes. It is affordable, and it is versatile. But how good is it exactly? Let’s take a better look at that.

Neat Bumblebee ll Microphone

Here is everything you need to know about Neat’s bumblebee 2.

Neat’s Bumblebee 2 Microphone: Small, Versatile and Fierce

You should consider three things before getting a microphone– the design, the performance, and the price. Bumblebee 2 passes all three sectors with a pretty good grading. How good? Let’s see about that.

1. Design and packaging

Bumblebee– this word probably makes you think about yellow and black packaging. And that’s how bumblebee packaging was up till the second version. The bumblebee two microphone goes for a simple matt black color instead. A classy choice, but if you’re looking for something funky, this may not be the packaging you would’ve loved.

This USB condensing microphone stands at around 8 inches in height. That may be a little short for most people, but the good part here is it takes up very little space. You can pop it up on a table beside your desktop and get to work. It comes propped on a microphone stand and has an adjustable yoke you can use to rotate and position the mic. It has two buttons– a knob for navigation and the other button for muting. The lights used as indicators around the knob are pretty interesting.

The package has a mic, a detailed user guide, and a threaded USB cable. And you’re right, and it is a USB-C to USB-A cable. If your computer only has USB-C ports, you’ll need an adapter to connect the mic.

2. Sound Quality and Performance

Well, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. The cable Neat puts inside the packaging is a little short, so you can’t use this mike from too far. It is perfect for pillow talk and Mukbang kind of videos. Gamers, podcast makers, and musicians recording a casual acoustic session will get the most out of this mic. That doesn’t mean other people can’t.

It is a powerful mic, and it picks up sounds even if you’re far away. It will pick up your whispers from a 20 inches distance. It has a 24bits bitrate, and the sample rate is 96kHz. That is an impressive sample rate because the best you can get in other mics of this price range is 48kHz.

You can use the knob on this mic for navigation. You can control volume, output level, and gain using this knob. The color around the mic will tell you what you’re controlling. Yellow means volume, green means mix balance, and blue are gain. The default mode is yellow, but you can switch between them by pressing the knob.

The small mute button is another excellent addition, especially for people checking if their Zoom mic is off (we’ve all been there, let’s face it). If your mute your mic, the LED around the knob will turn red. So no more panicking and checking every two seconds.

You won’t have to download any extra drivers for this mic, so that’s a plus. It doesn’t have software of its own, so you’ll have to control it using your connected device.

To recap, this mic comes with a USB-C to USB-A connecting cable. It is pretty good at picking up sound, but you’ll get the best result when you’re 4-5 inches away. There is a knob for navigation that controls volume, mixing output, and gain. The other button mutes the mic.

3. Pricing

This mic retails for around $80 on Amazon but everywhere else, and it goes for about $100, which is an absolute win given how versatile this mic is.


If you’re looking for something for your game streaming, Mukbangs, or acoustic session recordings, the bumblebee two microphones are one of the best you can get. It is small, affordable, and easy to use. For its price range, we recommend this microphone.

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