Advanced Electric Guitar | EVH Striped Series-5150

EVH Striped Series-5150
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Advanced Electric Guitar | EVH Striped Series-5150

EVH Striped Series-5150

An electric guitar is the most popular member of the guitar family that converts the incoming frequency from strings into electronic signals. Those electronic signals then convert back electronically and create varieties of unique melodies.

If you wish to join the gang of electric guitarists, you will have to learn the playing methods of electric guitar step by step. To kick off your training session, you need to start along with a beginner electric guitar. Once you master that, you can jump to intermediate level electric guitar, and last comes the advanced electric guitar.

Here in this article, we’ll emphasize advanced electric guitar and will introduce you with the best available alternative of 2021. So, don’t go anywhere and read till the end along with us to know further.

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EVH Striped Series-5150

EVH Striped Series-5150

If you are a guitar enthusiast, you must be acquainted with the brand EVH. Their most iconic creation is the series 5150. The owner of EVH brand, legendary guitarist Eddie Halen first made up an iconic guitar with red, black, and white stripes in 1978. The whole world knows that design by one name – Frankenstrat.

Frankenstrat is one of the most raved iconic guitars in the entire guitar history. Many companies have given a shot to replicate this design but none have succeeded except the EVH itself. The model of their series 5150 bears a striking resemblance to the original Frankenstein.

Aside from resembling the iconic appearance, this series 5150 is enriched and loaded with profuse high-quality flairs, which overall made it the best advanced electric guitar of the current year 2021. If you are still not convinced about why should you buy it, check out its detailed features below to clear up your doubts.

1. Manufacturing 

EVH Striped Series-5150

You already know this series 5150 is entirely identical to the original Frankenstein in terms of appearance. This means the outer layer is coated with a unique red plaster with rambling white and black stripes. Additionally, it has a rubicund hologram sticker of ‘5150’ attached in the lower front.

This model of EVH is specifically made in right-hand orientation. Its main body is stylishly made of solid Basswood and has taken the shape of the famous double cutaway. This salient shape not only enhances the finery of this guitar but also ensures an easy firm grip. Its 25-inch Quartersawn Maple made neck also shaped in Modified C for optimum grip.

Its fretboard is again made of same Maple wood and the craftsmen carefully placed 22 slick Jumbo frets upon it. Also, it has sufficient dot inlays and a properly locked nut. Then, the main body is equipped with 6 fine strings and a row of passive pickup.

2. Sound Quality

The sound quality of this series 5150 has fascinated musicians across the board. Not only guitarists, but other musicians also prefer this model when they attempt to collaborate their tunes with guitar tunes.

You will be really surprised to know that, this model offers exceptionally good sound with just a single humbucker. It delivers an abundance of scope for exploring with tunes while staying outstandingly natural and clean. Its sound clarity is sure to make you fall in love with this guitar.

With this you can, of course, make those 1980s heavy metallic sounds that you heard from Van Helen’s signature guitar. Alongside, this you can also tweak modern metal and classic rock sounds superbly.

3. Hardware

EVH Striped Series-5150

This tri-colored guitar has a brilliant Floyd Rose designed to bridge from EVH-brand and the bridge boasts the topnotch function of EVH D-Tuna. Its nut is perfectly locked and secure. And, again both the nut and bridge are rightly placed.

Furthermore, its 6 strings are not edgy and seamlessly fitted in the guitar body. Along with this, you will also get multiple well-made EVH tuning machines within this guitar. Its tuning pegs are also very accurately seated.

4. Electronic Mechanism

The electronics mechanism of this model is decent and simple. It boasts only one set of pickup but its performance is terrifically alluring. Its pickup bridge of Wolfgang alnico-2 is impressively prompt.

The circuits of the volume are tune are highly responsive and also acclaimed for their great sustainability. Again, the knob of Master volume and the tuning pegs are superbly active and very quickly change their levels with your mere touch.

5. Performance  

This series 5150 from EVH has been well praised for its performance. Along with that, for being an excellent advanced electric guitar, many popular guitarists prefer to take this guitar to their on-stage live performances.

Again, as it can create classical rock as well as metal tunes, multiple stripes of guitarists purchase this guitar and compose their standard of music with this very guitar. Furthermore, it performs well with reverb, distortion, decay, and many other pedals as well.

Another highlighting factor of this guitar is, its performance and the sound level remain the same both indoors and outdoors. Overall, you will feel a great sense of pleasure while playing this guitar irrespective of your whereabouts.

Pros and Cons of EVH Striped Series-5150

EVH Striped Series-5150

What we like:

  • The iconic resemblance of the original Frankenstein
  • Amazing double-cutaway body shape
  • Quartersawn Maple made the neck of Modified C shape
  • Maple wood made fretboard with 22 slick Jumbo frets
  • Exceptionally good sound with just a single humbucker
  • Delivers the same metallic sounds of Helen’s signature guitar.
  • Huge range of scope of exploring with tunes
  • Perform excellently with various pedals
  • Outstanding sound clarity and long playability

What we do not like:

  • The painting can come off with time

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If you are looking for an advanced electric guitar then EVH Striped Series-5150 is the finest option for you. Its guise, quality, playability, and everything is up to the mark. And, the overall combination of elegance and performance it offers, is completely unbeatable for any of the existing guitars of this time. So, if you can spend $1398 for a guitar, you must invest in this guitar. Investing in this guitar is perfectly worth it.

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