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Acoustic guitars are a guitarist’s first choice when it comes to learning guitar. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all an acoustic guitar can offer. With advanced acoustic guitars, a guitarist can take his or her music to the next level. To make good music, a guitar with good sound quality, dynamics, ergonomics, and design is necessary.

There are tons of advanced acoustic guitars out in the market and it is normal to get confused. So today, we handpicked ten of the best advanced acoustic guitars for you. These guitars are suitable for you if you are a professional, an intermediate player who wants to outgrow himself, or just someone who wants the very best for him.

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Top 10 Best Advanced Acoustic Guitars In 2021

10. Taylor 814ce Advanced Acoustic Guitars

Taylor 814ce - advanced acoustic guitars

We will start our list off with the Taylor 814ce advanced acoustic guitar. This guitar is great for its price to performance ratio. If you want to become a better player, this guitar can help you along the way.

The guitar comes with Taylors patented V-Class bracing design. Along with the warm tones due to the fusion of Sitka Spruce and Indian rosewood, you will get a high sustain and higher dynamic range from this guitar.

  • Ebony fretboard.
  • High sustains.
  • Spacious.

9. Yamaha A5R 

Yamaha A5R - advanced acoustic guitars

The guitar is a vintage natural dreadnought and it has a cutaway, which allows you to play the higher frets with ease. With the larger hollow space of a dreadnought, you will get amazing bass and resonance.

The guitar comes with a Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides. With Yamaha’s wood-Torre faction technology, the woods are enhanced. It has an SRT2 piezo pickup as well.

  • Piezo pickup,
  • Enhanced materials.

8. Martin D-10E Advanced Acoustic Guitars

Martin D-10E - advanced acoustic guitars

The Martin D-10E guitar has a classic look to it. It can deliver powerful dynamics and a sweet sound. It comes with Fishman MX-T preamp and with that, you can make your guitar sing aloud.

The guitar comes with Sapele sides and back. The top is solid and made of handpicked Sitka spruce. It also comes with a tuner that remains muted while you tune, so your audience won’t have to listen to your tuning.

  • Sapele sides and back,
  • Solid Sitka top,
  • MX-T preamp.

7. Martin D-13E 

Martin D-13E - advanced acoustic guitars

The Martin D-13E is a dreadnought guitar and it comes with a soft-shell case. The guitar has an amazing depth of sound and comes at an affordable price.

It has a glossy Sitka top and siris back and sides. The Richlite fretboard comes with mother of pearl inlays.

  • Dreadnought guitar,
  • Richlite frets,

6. Taylor 414ce Advanced Acoustic GuitarsTaylor 414ce - advanced acoustic guitars

The Taylor 414ce is a fusion of aesthetics and beautiful sound. The guitar has a great dynamic range and comes with the V-class bracing, so you will get a great boost in volume.

The guitar features a smooth mahogany neck, Indian rosewood back and sides, and an ebony fretboard. You will have a great time playing this advanced acoustic guitar.

  • V-class bracing,
  • Ebony fret,
  • Taylor ES2 components.

5. Martin D-18 Martin D-18 - advanced acoustic guitars

The Martin D-18 is another dreadnought beast from the Martin guitars and co. Like the other models, this one too will provide great resonance and bass depth, but for a cheaper price.

The guitar has amazing build quality. The neck is slim and you can run your hand through the frets at the speed of sound. But, the downside of this guitar is that the pins are made of plastic and electronics do not come built-in.

  • Sleek design,
  • Great fretboard,
  • Rich tone.

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4. Jasmine S35 Advanced Acoustic Guitars

Jasmine S35 - advanced acoustic guitars

The Jasmine S35 made to our list because of its amazing features, durable build, and the best part is, it won’t crush your wallet.

The guitar comes with a spruce top, Jasmine’s signature X bracing. It features amazing playability and great ergonomics. The back and sides are made of Agathis.

  • X bracing architecture,
  • Affordable.

3. Yamaha FG800 

Yamaha FG800 - advanced acoustic guitars

Just like the other models of the Yamaha FG series, the FG800 will provide amazing sound, playability, and versatility, without costing you a fortune. The guitar is made of the best materials and will withstand years of use.

 The guitar has a solid Sitka top and Nato sides and back. The fretboard, as well as the bridge, is made of rosewood. You can get this guitar with or without a preamp and tuner.

  • The best material at an affordable price,
  • Advanced scalloped bracing.

2. Fender PM-1 Advanced Acoustic Guitars

Fender PM-1 - advanced acoustic guitars

 The Fender PM-1 is undoubtedly one of the best advanced acoustic guitars out there. This one comes within three sizes, the dreadnought, the parlor, and the triple-o.

The whole guitar is made of solid wood, which means you get amazing dynamics and precise tones with this. The guitar is designed to feel like the signatures of the ’60s. With it, you get a Fishman preamp and tuner.

  • All solid body,
  • Fishman preamp and tuner,
  • Classic Fender design.

1. Martin D-28 

Martin D-28  - advanced acoustic guitars

 For more than a hundred years, Martin is improving its dreadnought guitars. What started with the D-1 and D-2, now have transcended to become one of the most benchmarked D-28 guitars. It is a versatile guitar suited to a plethora of genres due to its rich, warm tone.

The standard series D-28 comes with a solid top made of Sitka spruce while the back and sides are made of Indian rosewood. The top has a gloss finish and the back and sides are polished.

  • Bright, clean tones,
  • Good fretboard.

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These are the best advanced acoustic guitars available in the market. We all have a unique taste when it comes to guitars. But we still tried to rank them as accurately as possible. Hopefully, you will find the guitar of your choice among them.

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