Adjustable In-Line Attenuators
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A common problem for audiophiles can be stated as the excess gain in the sound system. To be clearer, have this ever happened to you that you put that volume control at 8 o’clock and it isn’t loud enough, and when you put it at 9 o’clock the sound is way too loud. There are no in-betweens, and you don’t get the comfortable sound you’re looking for. The situation worsens when it comes to lower volumes. Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of adjustable in-line attenuators available in the market, but we have figured out 10 best attenuators that will make sure your sound experience remains as amazing as it should be.

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Top 10 Adjustable In-Line Attenuators In 2021

1. Redcloud 8810U8ERS

Redcloud 8810U8ERS

This is by far the most user-friendly and user-favored device available on the market. A rock-solid attenuator, this one can provide a total of 32 channel-attenuation. A very available device, it is compatible with most devices. A Little Labs production, it is an 8-channel balanced device that can be rack mounted on.

  • Very compatible and can be patched anywhere
  • Provides 5k balanced stereo service
  • Is possible to have 32 channels in a single unit rack space

2. Rothwell In-Line Attenuator

Rothwell RCA In-Line Attenuators Pair -10dB

These attenuators are pretty unique in a sense that the company claims these aren’t just resistors; they are far more than that. The devices can attenuate the sound transparently and effectively. The attenuator provides 10dB attenuation through its series and shunt procedure.

  • Once used, the sounds change to a softer, more smooth and decent version.
  • Removes the overload of sounds
  • The details of the sound are lost when connected

3. Audio-Technica AT8202 Adjustable In-line Attenuator

Audio-Technica AT8202 Adjustable In-line Attenuator

This device is for low-Z microphones, mostly. In these cases, the input stages are the most sensitive and it does exactly the thing to make sure the sensitive stage is not overloaded. This adjustable in-line attenuator has a steel case to provide optimum shielding from the hums. The steel cases are quite durable and stout.

  • Can provide attenuations of -10 dB, -20 dB and -30 dB.
  • Very compatible with the phantom power applications
  • Can be used in the balanced low-Z style microphones

4. Hosa ATT-448 Input Attenuator

Hosa ATT-448 Input Attenuator

This is an ideal device for single-microphone events, like a birthday party or karaoke. With a shiny, smooth look and excellent durability, this is a good pick for people who want visuals alongside quality. Shiny golden and silver body with sleek looks and handy size.

  • You can select -20 dB, -30 dB, or -40 dB level of attenuations for your dynamic microphone
  • Works well with single microphones
  • Excellent craftsmanship in the making

5. Rapco PADBLOX 30DB In-Line Attenuator Pad 30 dB

Rapco Horizon PADBLOX-30 Inline Pad -30dB

They have inline pads from -10 to -50 dB levels and can retain impedance at a high order. The XLR male and female outputs come as plus points. A shiny black design with a relatively bigger shape.

  • Can attenuate signals in versions of -10db, -20db, -30db and -50db .
  • Has the power to retain the impedance
  • Is relatively expensive

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6. ATX Networks PPFAM In-Line Attenuator Pad – 3db

ATX Networks PPFAM In-Line Attenuator Pad - 3db

This is a relatively smaller, 3db capable adjustable in-line attenuator. The ranges are smaller but works pretty well within its limits.  The resistors are the etched glazed type with a spring steel center of 22-gauge. The brass is nickel-plated.

  • The tolerance components are only 1%
  • Reduces the RF signal strength for reducing intermodulation
  • 3-20 dB attenuation values

7. Channel Plus 2503-10 3dB Inline Attenuators

Channel Plus 2503-10 3dB Inline Attenuators

These are small in-line attenuators that can be inserted into coaxial cable feeds for reducing the signal levels of amplitude. This is a better and permanent solution for attenuations. Small 3dB attenuators that can be put inside cable feeds to ensure comfortable sound.

  • Can reduce the signal strength to 3dB
  • F-barrel type connector
  • It provides a permanent solution over other variable attenuators.

8. Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuator

Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuator

The device is specialized for reducing levels of high-output microphones. When it comes to high-end microphones with powerful recordings, overloading is pretty common. This attenuator can make sure that doesn’t happen. The device can pass phantom power, and comes with a sleek black and handy look.

  • Can reduce the line-level signal of balanced microphones by 15-25 dB
  • Can be used for preventing the overload in the input by reducing the level of outputs
  • Very useful to prevent overload while using high sound-pressure level applications.

9. Whirlwind IMP Pad – 40 DB

Whirlwind IMP-AD40 XLR Inline Barrel 40db Attenuator

A device well-known for its clear sound and user-friendly attributes, this one is a very good pick for people who are looking for relatively economical attenuators. A smooth silver body makes the attenuator pad pretty sleek and fashionable.

  • Is very useful in crowded areas like concerts
  • Gives a wide dynamic range of sound

10. MWRF Source SMA Male to SMA Female 6GHz Attenuator 2W

MWRF Source SMA Male to SMA Female 6GHz Attenuator 2W

A remarkably cheap attenuator that works just as specified. Coming at a pretty low price-level, this one can be handy as a low-budget option. The package includes a 10 dB male to the female attenuator.

  • Has a 50-ohm impedance
  • A 10dB attenuation with good user reviews

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So this is our list for the ten best adjustable in-line attenuators. Don’t forget to choose the right one for you!

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