Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Review

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Review
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Guitars can vary drastically in price from a couple of hundred dollars to multiple thousands of dollars. But are all guitars worth the money? Well luckily for you, you do not have to bear yourself up researching that. If you are in the market for a brand-new guitar or want to pick something up to starts learning to play the popular instruments, then you are in the right place. We are bringing you a list of the top 10 acoustic guitars under $1000.

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Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Review

10. Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Tennessee Red

Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Tennessee Red - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: This model may not be the most well-known name out there, but it is a gem in the bang for your buck department.

Design and Quality: The top is made from solid spruce with the sides and back made from laminated with crimson wild cherry finish gives this one a lot of character.

  • The sound is nothing to scoff at.
  • It provides a clear and defined sound with a great range in the middle and upper tones.
  • It’s also constructed with carefully picked materials.

9. Martin X Series DX1AE

Martin X Series DX1AE - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: A classic no-frills guitar that is built to get the job done, no questions asked.

Design and Quality: Familiar Marti Guitar quality with solid spruce and a D-14 fret body design.

  • A-Frame X-1 bracing pattern with a natural woodgrain finish coupled with robust and rich sound makes this guitar an easy pick up if you are in the market for a guitar under $1000.

8. Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: A fairly compact guitar that also does not cost big money. A mini cutaway style guitar that is comfortable to play.

Design and Quality: The design is equally exquisite with its darkened wooden finish coupled with solid mahogany back and sides.

  • The most appealing thing about the Taylor GS Mini is its size despite its full and powerful sound.
  • It’s perfect for road trips and on the go jamming sessions.

7. Washburn Woodbine WL1012SE

Washburn Woodbine WL1012SE - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: The darkened color finish makes this Washburn a beautifully crafted piece of equipment.

Design and Quality: It’s elegantly made with a solid mahogany top with mahogany bracing pattern back and sides.

  • Washburns are some of the best-made guitars out there.
  • The quality of the overall attention to detail with this is truly a marvel.
  • The balance of rich sound and premium design makes this an easy pick for our 10 top acoustic guitars under $1000.

6. Breedlove Solo Concert

Breedlove Solo Concert - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Breedlove is known for budget-friendly guitars that do not sacrifice on quality. Good craftsmanship is the name of the game here.

Design and Quality: Clever use of laminated wood in places where the sound quality is not hindered makes this guitar produce a sound that is slightly above its price bracket.

  • A unique feature other than being solidly constructed and stylish looking at this one is that it has a hole on the laminated side allowing the player to hear what the audience is hearing.

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5. Yamaha A-Series AC3M

Yamaha A-Series AC3M - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Reputed brand name with a classic design and natural color finish. This particular one also comes with the added benefit of an included soft case.

Design and Quality: Well-built with a solid Sitka spruce top with a scalloped bracing that is designed to produce great sound with a high range of sound signature.

  • Features a concert cutout designed and comes with Yamaha’s SRT2 design allowing you to blend different microphone models.

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4. Taylor 100 Series 114ce

Taylor 100 Series 114ce - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Taylor’s 100 series is a tier above its Baby series and made to be serious performers. Featuring some of the best craftsmanship and design these guitars mean business.

Design and Quality: Solid Sitka spruce top and walnut laminated back and sides to not sacrifice on the sound.

  • This acoustic-electric is great for someone who is starting to learn the guitar and wants something of quality but not at the cost of an arm and a leg.
  • It’s quite affordable considering its look and quality.

3. Yamaha A-Series A3M

Yamaha A-Series A3M - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: If you are looking for a guitar, you can rest assured that Yamaha has a model that you need. The legendary guitar manufacturers have become masters at creating equipment that sounds worthy of the name and the A3M is no different.

Design and Quality: Yamaha manages to bring some truly great sound from the A3M by using solid wood construction on the top, back and sides.

  • 23.65” scale and comes in a dreadnought size with a relatively deep cutaway on the treble side. It provides top-notch performance with great sound although not the most elegantly designed guitar.

2. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Full body size that can produce loud and rich tunes. A perfect mix of design and quality, the Seagull S6 is a sweet spot for price and performance.

Design and Quality: Superb choice of materials with a clever mix of mahogany, wild cherry and solid cedar.

  • Quality construction and an impressive sound that is not surprising from a guitar of this caliber.

1. Ibanez AVN9

Ibanez AVN9 - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: A classic guitar from one of the top names in the game. The Ibanez AVN9 is a mix of vintage and modern coming perfectly together to make a rich and soothing sound.

Design and Quality: Solidly made from mahogany helps this unit achieve tones that way above its price point.

  • Premium grade-A construction is a given for any Ibanez guitar and this one follows suit. Superb sound coupled with a great design and make puts this one a tier above the rest.

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Acoustic guitars are an extension of the player. They should feel like an extension of the player and natural. Pick the one that suits your taste and needs from our list of the top 10 guitars under $1000 and be on your way jamming in no time.

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