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Have you ever listened to Chet Atkins and Mike Auldridge’s soundtracks and wondered, which instrument they use to make such divine tunes? To quench your wonder, that instrument of metallic, punchy, and bluesy tunes is nothing but an acoustic guitar resonator! If you possess any yearning to explore that same tunes, buying a fine resonator guitar is the sheer gateway. However, since there’re plenty of alternatives available in the current market, we’ve prepared a list of top 10 acoustic guitar resonators for 2021.

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Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Resonators in 2021

10. Classic Spider Round Neck Resonator by Rogue 

Rogue Classic Spider - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

The first entrée of our list, the Classic Spider Resonator from Rogue is a nice sounding round neck resonator.

It boasts a diecast spider bridge and a 10″ spun-aluminum cone. This sort of resonator cone delivers a great sustain while keeping the tunes nice and gentle.

  • Diecast spider bridge and spun-aluminum cone
  • Mahogany coated back and edges
  • Great sustain and high-volume range

9. RES CBK Acoustic Guitar Resonator by Dean Guitars 

 Dean RES BASS CBK - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

An exclusive combination of quality and functionality makes this Dean RES CBK a great option for any resonator guitar enthusiast.

The guitar body is sleek and made of refined Mahogany and has a humbucker for superb sound quality. Its spider bridge and the resonator cone are also of good quality.

  • A spider bridge and a well-made aluminum cone
  • Mahogany made body and thin neck
  • A humbucker for superb sound quality

8. RM-991 Tri-cone  Acoustic Guitar Resonators by Recording King

Recording King - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

This nickel-plated tri-cone resonator brilliantly performs and changes tuning pitches from high to low and vice versa in the blink of an eye.

 It features a nickel-plated brass body with Honduran-mahogany made neck. Its included cones are made of spun-aluminum and the saddle is of maple/ebony.

  • Nickel-plated body with Honduran-mahogany made neck
  • An excellent t-bridge and 3 spun-aluminum cones
  • Large volume range and can change tunes forthwith

7. Flame Parlorator Maple Resonator by Royall

Royall Flame - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

This model is perfect for the style-conscious individuals, its sound quality, performance, and appearance everything is truly impressive.

Its nickel-plated body displays an alluring decoration of dots and doddles along with an improved neck made of Parlorator Maple. Further, it features a compact biscuit bridge and a hand spun-aluminum cone.

  • A biscuit bridge and a hand spun-aluminum cone
  • An improved neck made of Parlorator Maple
  • Nickel-plated outer portion displays an elegant appearance

6. RPH-R1-TS Dirty 30’s Resonator Guitar by Recording King 

Recording King - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

If you are looking for a classic resonator for creating old-school blues tuning, opt for this. It provides the same level of tuning that a classic resonator should.

It includes a biscuit bridge and a 10″ resonator cone. Its saddle is made of maple/ebony, besides its size is quite handy and road-worthy that you can comfortably carry it on your road trips.

  • A biscuit bridge and a 10″ resonator cone
  • Generates varieties of old-school blues tuning
  • Well portable and handy

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5. Round-neck Resonator Guitar by Recording King 

Recording King Roundneck - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

If you are rooting for a typical yet well quality acoustic resonator within a budget price, include this Round-neck Resonator Guitar on your bucket list.

It is well-built with a sand-cast spider bridge and hand spun-aluminum cone. The guitar top, back, and edges all are made of solid Mahogany and it also includes a few tuning machines for bringing variations in tune.

  • A sand-cast spider bridge and an aluminum cone
  • Mahogany coated top, back, and edges
  • Tuning machines for bringing variations in tune

4. Parlor Sized Nickel-Plated Brass Body Resonator by Royall 

Royall Parlor Size - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

If you are a professional resonator guitar player, check out this model. This Nickel-Plated resonator is going to be a great partner in your live performance.

Excellently designed, this guitar body is 17″ and made of bound mahogany. Alongside, a well-constructed biscuit bridge and a hand spun-aluminum cone ensure true bouncy and authentic sound.

  • A well-constructed biscuit bridge and a hand spun-aluminum cone
  • The outer portion is covered with chicken-foot nickel coating
  • A convenient well-fitted carry case

3. Paul Beard Signature Series PBS-D Square-neck Resonator Deluxe Guitar 

Gold Tone Paul Beard - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

This model is a masterpiece and designed by renowned luthier Paul Beard. This is one of the iconic models of current times.

This legendary model’s most of the part is made of Paul Beard’s signature materials including Paul Beard’s special spider bridge and cones. The back and edges are made of Maple wood and the whole body has a slick Tobacco Sunburst finishing.

  • Designed by the famous luthier Paul Beard
  • Paul Beard’s special spider bridge and cones
  • Maple-wood made back and edges

2. Regal RD-52 Square-neck Acoustic Guitar Resonator 

Regal RD-52 Artist Series - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

This model is another masterwork with a rich classic sound and vintage style appearance. With this, you can recreate all the amazing classics from the 1930s.

This guitar has mahogany construction top to bottom and wrapped with transparent black glossy veneer. Also, it has a golden gate’s spider bridge along with an American aluminum resonator cone.

  • Golden gate’s spider bridge and American-aluminum cone
  • True crisp clarity with decent volume intensity
  • An impressive transparent black glossy guise

1. G9220 Bobtail Round-Neck Acoustic-Electric Resonator Guitar by Gretsch 


Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Round - Acoustic Guitar Resonators

Gretsch, one of the most prominent names amid the top musical instrument makers, presents the best acoustic guitar resonator that outpaces all the other available alternatives of current times.

Its body and neck are expertly crafted with bound Mahogany along with a fine Rosewood made fingerboard. Its spider-style bridges and the integrated Ampli Sonic cone assures topnotch high-quality performance.

  • Both acoustic and electric styles playability.
  • Bound Mahogany made body and neck
  • Spider-style bridges and an Ampli Sonic cone

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We’ve presented the very popular top 10 acoustic guitar resonators of 2021. We ranked them according to their quality and performance. I hope this would help you choose your best suit without any hitch.

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