Best Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitars Review in 2022

Best Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitars Review in 2022
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If you are thinking about covering Poets of the Fall or Queen’s, then the acoustic-electric bass guitars will come in handy. Unlike standard guitars, an acoustic-electric guitar is capable of producing unique rhythms as it has a hollow wooden body inside. For professional musicians, a guitar like this is a must as they can leave behind the AMP and rock the stage area. Loving the idea? Then check out our review of the best acoustic-electric bass guitars in various price points to upgrade your music arsenal.

Best Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitars Review in 2022

10. Traveler Acoustic Bass Guitar 

Traveler Guitar - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: We are beginning our rundown with the lightest and most compact electric guitar ever. With about 3 lbs. weight, this ultra-thin guitar also has a proper thumb resting spot. As it offers convenience without compromising playability, it may be an excellent choice if you travel a lot.

Design & Quality: This is a 30-inch scale length guitar, which is engineered with modern technology and hardware.

  • Standard 1/4-inch output.
  • Custom piezo pickup.
  • Removable lap-rest frame.


Kala U-BASS-EBY-FSRW - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: If you are a fan of deep, rich tones, then this may be an excellent choice for you as it produces a warm and booming sound to boost up the mood. It measures only 20.3’’, which means it is highly portable, and perfect for little gatherings and concerts.

Design & Quality: The guitar features a maple binding in its striped ebony body, which ensures sturdiness with a satin finishing.

  • Round wound strings.
  • Gig-bag included.
  • Bass tunes with lower tension.

8. Oscar Schmidt OB100N-A-U 

Oscar Schmidt - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: This guitar produces excellent-quality deep and loud tunes with or without the amp. It comes with a 10ft cord to get connected in larger rehearsal areas or spacious stages. There is also a carrying bag included in the set for ease of transport.

Design & Quality: Oscar Schmidt designed the cutouts to reach the upper frets easily. Moreover, it can withstand mild abuse for a prolonged period.

  • Medium-scale bass.
  • Excellent overall dimension.
  • Available in 2 styles.

7. Takamine GB30CE

Takamine GB30CE Acoustic - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description:  The GB30CE acoustic-electric bass guitar is widely known for its outstanding smoothness and comfortable dovetail neck. It produces refined sound even without the amp as it works like a bass booster itself. As a result, it is ideal for both personal and professional use.

Design & Quality: Made with strong spruce on the top and designed with Indian mahogany on side and back, this guitar will serve you for years!

  • Versatile sound quality.
  • Built-in tuner.
  • Pearl dot fingerboard inlays.

6. Taylor GS Mini-e 

Taylor GS Mini-e - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: This compact musical instrument will surprise you with its impressive sound quality. Rather than artificial hollow bass tunes, it produces more of a natural flow suitable for dynamic scenarios. Although it requires some basic skills to start jamming, with its EF pickup and preamp system, you cannot really deny buying this excellent guitar.

Design & Quality: The guitar is constructed sturdily with 4 strings in fork design bridge pins.

  • Solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Broad-based accessibility.
  • Value for the price.

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5. Hadean Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar 

Hadean Acoustic - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: Aquila Nylgut strings, built-in preamp, stable tuning, bass, and treble control- every feature is available in this ukulele-style guitar. Even when jamming for the first time, you will discover the magnificent control and comfortable playing feel due to its overall symphonic measurements.

Design & Quality: It features a walnut body design that is made out of the finest quality materials.

  • Accurate fret-intonation.
  • Adjustable neck.
  • Standard bass guitar notes.

4. Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar 

Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: New into electric bass guitars? Look no further because Dean EAB, one of the best acoustic-electric bass guitars for beginners, comes with all the necessary functions. You can jam without an amp for hours without compromising the loud and crisp sound of this guitar.

Design & Quality:  It features a symmetrical design, including a mahogany body with a solid spruce top.

  • Passive preamp.
  • Diecast Dean tuners.
  • Ideal for home recording.

3. Ovation Mod TX Collection 

Ovation Mod TX Collection - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: A musical instrument with stable acoustic balance, this guitar is highly responsive for maintaining your rhythm optimally. One of the best aspects of this guitar is that it has an OP-Pro preamp and OCP1 pickup combination, which enhance the live performance.

Design & Quality: The guitar comes with a resonant tonewood body and matte black finishing, which give it a superior construction.

  • Balanced acoustic tone.
  • Multi-port soundhole design.
  • Lyrachord mid-depth cutaway.

2. Washburn Acoustic-Electric Bass AB5K Guitar 

Washburn Acoustic-Electric Bass - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: Washburn features a beauty with the bass! As this acoustic-electric bass guitar comes with a fantastic preamp and delicate string, you will find utter comfort while jamming. The kit also includes additional accessories that ensure convenient traveling.

Design & Quality:  Washburn AB5K is built with a spruce top and features a sturdy and durable finishing.

  • Entry to mid-level guitar.
  • Rosewood with 22 Frets.
  • Carrying bag included.

1. Best Choice Products Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar 

Best Choice Products - Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Description: If you do not like complicated music instruments, then this guitar may be an excellent choice for you. It features easy-to-play functions with loud volume, ideal for home, and on-stage performances alike. Having a slim neck, excellent grip, and easy access to the notes make it comfortable in every way to rock on for years.

Design & Quality: It comes in a sleek cutaway design with black glossy finishing and sturdily built structure.

  • 4-BAND preamp.
  • Chrome die-cast tuners.
  • Great for pros and novices.

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Before purchasing the best acoustic-electric bass guitar, we would like to suggest some key factors. First, research as much as you can to understand your needs and requirements. Also, try to determine which shape may be convenient for you. If you are a beginner, you may want to go for the guitar from Best Choice Products, as it will provide you with all the basic functionalities. Even when you master the art of bass jamming, it will still keep you company.

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