Best Acoustic Drum Sets Review In 2022

Best Acoustic Drum Sets Review In 2022
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It doesn’t matter if there are thousands standing or an empty wall in front, a drummer will play with his whole heart. After all, it requires a hard practice to reach the stage from your home. As many of the drummers love to keep the traditional feeling with the original sensation, we have only kept the acoustic drum sets on the list. So, save your music career by choosing the perfect set of acoustic drum sets from here.

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Best Acoustic Drum Sets Review In 2022

10. DW Design Acrylic Series

DW Design Acrylic Series - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: Acrylic acoustic drum sets were made popular by Led Zeppelin and Keith Moon. These kinds of drums have been famous since the 1970s. DW has introduced an acrylic acoustic drum that comes under $1600.

Design and Quality: The drum set is acrylic. So, if you want, you can pet fish inside them like Keith Moon. Leaving the outlook, they are normally louder than regular drum sets.

  • The bass, toms, and snare are standard sized.
  • With louder volume, you can easily cope up with amplifiers and loud guitarists.

9. Yamaha Custom Stage

Yamaha Custom Stage - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: Yamaha has been in the music industry for a long time. It is not even necessary to talk about the quality they provide. Their custom stage acoustic drum set is ideal for any drummer who thinks about quality drumming within $700.

Design and Quality: Stage acoustic drum set is all about the more high-end than regular maple drums. Getting such type of drum within $700 is a dream come true for many drummers.

  • The drums don’t warp because of the diagonal seam.
  • Yamaha uses its own air seal system to create a great tone.

8. Gretsch Blue Silver Duco

Gretsch Blue Silver Duco - Acoustic Drum Sets


Product Description:  Gretsch is also renowned for producing quality music instruments. Their Blue maple acoustic drum set mixes North-American Maple with softer maple species.

Design and Quality: Every drum of this series undergoes expert completion for proper interior finish. They use Gretsch die to fit all the parts together and produce a powerful drum. You can create both explosion and soft rock music with this set.

  • They come as 4 piece set.
  • The bearing edges are set on a smooth 30 degrees for every drum.

7. Sonor SQ1

Sonor SQ1 - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: This drum set belongs to the very few acoustic drum sets that provide the highest build quality for studio performance. The build quality is incredible.

Design and Quality: The best part of this acoustic drum set is that it separates the toms sound and removes the interaction between metal and wood. Overall, Sonor SQ1 is a pricey device that comes with some incredible professional quality features.

  • The 10 layered shells are made with birch.
  • It contains a sound sustainer that isolates the tom from the mount.

6. Mapex Saturn

Mapex Saturn - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: It is one of the mid-priced drum sets that can serve almost every kind of drummer. It is made with walnut and Rock maple. Mapex Saturn V is easy to tune and comes with sumptuous finishes. It is great for playing rock or jazz music.

Design and Quality: Toms and snare are 6.15 mm thick while the bass is 7.5mm thick. While the toms are trimmed 45 degrees, the floor toms and kicks are trimmed 60 degrees.

  • The heads of Tom are dual-ply Remo along with Single layer ambassadors.
  • It comes in 4 color finishes.

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5. Ludwig Element Acoustic Drum Set

Ludwig Element Acoustic - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: When we are talking about Ludwig, we are talking about over a century’s experience in manufacturing drums. Their six-piece drum set comes with all the things you need. The package even contains one drum throne.

Design and Quality: While the majority of professional acoustic drum sets contain 5-piece, Ludwig Evolution comes with an additional floor tom. Comparing to all the materials and features, it is quite cheap.

  • It comes in 4 different color options.
  • There are 2-floor toms.

4. PDP Acoustic Drum Set

PDP Acoustic Drum Set - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: Drumming has been famous among the youngsters as well. There have been many acoustic drums for them. At least, one of them had to be on the list.

Design and Quality: It is a 5-piece set. The snares and the bass drum are smaller compared to the regular ones. It is quite reliable for children.

  • The bass drum is 18” and snares are 12” in diameter.
  • PDP is only suitable for children.

3. Pearl Roadshow

Pearl Roadshow - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: If you are looking for something within $500, Pearl is your companion. There are 3 different kinds of models for this acoustic drum set. It is a great choice for beginners and semi-professionals.

Design and Quality: The snare stand can be adjusted easily. Hardware is also good enough for a set in this price range.

  • It has been mainly manufactured for beginners and learners.
  • It comes with only one cymbal along with a stand.

2. Natal Arcadia

Natal Arcadia - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: Natal is one of the best budget-friendly quality drums available in the market. It comes with the premium features that can be found in Natal’s high priced drums.

Design and Quality: Despite their cheap price, the sound is quite clear. Bass punches wee, snare boasts a wide range of tuning and Remo good enough. It comes in various color options.

  • The Chinese heads are weaker.
  • The shells are lighter compared to the high-priced drums.

1. Tama Imperialstar Acoustic Drum Set

Tama Imperialstar - Acoustic Drum Sets

Product Description: Tama is well known among professional drummers. Imperialstar stays on the top because of two reasons- quality and price. Well, you definitely can offer high-quality drums by asking a higher price. But giving top quality drums within the affordable prices is what Tama has done.

Design and Quality: It comes in six different color options. Cymbals are manufactured from Germany. The sound quality is quite rich.

  • The snares are 14”, toms are 10” and 12”.
  • It is a popular drum set.

If you’re a beginner, we would recommend you to choose the cheaper drums that come with hardware. You can try out Pearl and Tama. Professionals can try out Ludwig, Gretsch, Yamaha, and others. Some of them are fancy and stage performing professional ones, while others are more about learning essentials. However, as you go through our list, we believe you can select the right acoustic drum set from our list. Happy Drumming!

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