Sony A50 Walkman
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A50 Walkman A Series

A50 Walkman

If you are talking about high quality portable audio solutions, Sony can easily demand that they are the reason why it exists. If it weren’t for Sony, who invented Walkman four decades ago, others might not have been here. Sony might not have a large market share in portable audio devices today. But they are developing and working to set new standards until today. And for those of us, who take audio a bit more seriously than average consumers, Sony holds a very special place in our heart.

With the A50 Walkman A-Series, Sony describes taking music to the next level. They offer high-resolution audio with a variety of colors to choose from. The A50 series is made with precision engineering and quality parts. DSEE Hx has been improved to restore audio files. You can stream over Bluetooth to preserve the detail in every track. The series consists of mainly these devices- A55, A56HN, and A57HN.

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A50 Walkman

The white rectangular case with a picture of the device and Sony logo embedded on the surface gives the classical Sony impression. The package contains the device, WM-Port cable, a pictorial quick start guide, and a multi-lingual user manual. On the backside of the cover, there are details about the device. The device is wrapped in a plastic cover inside.  The instruction recommends charging for 4 hours before listening.

Unlike the ZX or WM series, the A50 series comes with multiple color variations to choose from: red, gold, green, blue, and black.  In fact, the unboxing will feel quite regular. A silicon case or glass protector could have been included.

Design and Specification

A50 Walkman

The design of A50 is quite close to the design of the previous year’s ZX300. The edges are not rounded off and buttons are also redesigned. The size is almost identical with only a 2% reduction in size (55.7mmX97.3mm X10.8 mm). The weight has reduced to 99 grams. They have added an aluminum frame to provide better rigidity.

It has a TFT color display on 3.1-inch WVGA (800X480) with a pixel of 800 X 480 and a white LED backlight. Its body has been designed with curved edges that support ergonomically to hold the device. The intuitive side key buttons assist you to control music with ease. You can play/ pause, select music, and control volume with the side buttons. You will also have the power and lock button for easier and comfortable operation. On the left side, there is a micro-SD slot for increasing storage space and has NFC support to connect to NFC devices which can be either a smartphone or an audio listening device. The Sony Walkman is waterproof.


A50 Walkman

Sony Walkman A50 uses some of the features that are said to be perfect for Audiophiles. It runs on the Sony original OS for the music player. You can get 45 hours of music with a full charge. It has Bluetooth version 4.2 and 3.5 mm headphone jack. But there have been some complaints about lagging while booting up.

A small amount of gold has been connected to the circuit for clearer sounds and vocal. The results are great bass and clear range. This uncommon conductivity assures minimum signal loss. The rigid aluminum frame offers support for stable sound and great bass.  Audio quality has been improved with the DSEE HX processor that gives you the taste of all the instruments separately. It can also cover the lost audio from digital compression. This will surely give you a full-fidelity experience.

You can stream music through the A50 series Walkman. Your tracks will undergo from S-Master HX and DSEE HX upscaling. Vinyl Processor and Equalizer are also some of the development you’d love to experience. On the contrary, Sony could have offered Bluetooth 5.0 for a better connection.

User Interface

A50 Walkman

When the TFT color display lightens up you will see a screen showing FM Radio, Language Study, USB DAC Function, and Bluetooth Receiver. Music can be browsed through Songs, artists, release, year, playlist, album, genre, and many other ways. At the top, there is a rotatory volume control for quick volume control. You can also shuffle, playback, and repeat while playing music.

Loading music is quite easy. You just connect your device to your laptop / PC with USB Type-A cable and copy the song/folder to the device’s music folder. The Sony A50 Walkman automatically creates a database with details. In fact, it automatically separates Hi-Res music.  When you go up from the Song playing display screen, you enter the options of equalizer mode that ha 5 presets and custom mode. The dynamic audio environment is created with VPT and Normalizer reduces the volume difference between songs.

Sound Quality

Sony Walkman

After so much discussion on how the A50 series is working for satisfying audiophiles, there is hardly anything left to talk about the sound quality. You can get closest to master audio listening with the technology of the A50 series. The Chipset used inside gives you the full feeling of musical instruments and offers you the ability to emotionally connect with the singer. For Hi-Res quality audio, dynamic drive or hybrid Headphones can be suggested. You can also connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to music like Spotify and Google Music.

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 Similarities and Dissimilarities between A50 Walkman Series

Well, almost all the specifications like the battery, power backup, color options, interface are similar. The major difference is that A55 comes in 16 GB storage; A56HN comes in 32 GB storage and has headphones with the device, and A57 comes with 64 GB usage space. Unlike the other devices, A57 has WM-PORT (multiple connecting terminals) with 22 pins.

The reason for buying Walkman from Sony A50 Walkman series should be Hi-Res audio. You will enjoy every minute of your time listening to high-quality music. As an audiophile, you should always insist on uninterrupted music from a dedicated audio player. Overall, the series is a definite try out for listening to pure music.

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